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1954年11月生まれ 滋賀県出身


1980年 渡米。ニューヨークでフィリー·ジョー·ジョーンズ、ルイス·ヘイズ、ジョー·ジョーンズ·ジュニア(いずれもds)に師事。
1982年 フルート奏者、ケント·イーンズのアルバム「フレッシュ·エアー(Fresh Air)」でレコードデビュー。
1984年 ベース奏者、中村新太郎のアルバム「Evolution」に参加。
1985年 オルガン奏者、Dr.ロニー·スミスのレギュラードラマーになる。
1986年 アルトサックス奏者、ルー·ドナルドソンに認められ、レギュラードラマーになる。以降、アメリカ,ヨーロッパ、日本でツアーを行う。
1992年 ルー·ドナルドソンのアルバム「Bird Seed」に参加。
1994年 8月マウントフジ·ジャズフェスティバルに、ルー·ドナルドソン·カルテットとして出演。
2月 ルー·ドナルドソンのアルバム「Sentimantal Journey」に参加。
6月 モントリオール·ジャズフェスティバルにルー·ドナルドソンと共に参加。
7月 同じくニューヨークのジャズクラブ、「ヴィレッジ·ヴァンガード」に出演。
1996年 ルー·ドナルドソン·カルテットでヨーロッパツアー。同バンドで「ヴィレッジ·ヴァンガード」に出演。
1998年 林文夫カルテット「Some Day」etc.で演奏。
1999年 ルー·ドナルドソン·クインテットでリンカーンセンターにて演奏。
2000年 Dr.ロニー·スミス·トリオの日本ツアーに参加。
2001年 ルー·ドナルドソン·カルテットでヨーロッパツアー。横山静子トリオで日本ツアーを行う。
2002年 横山静子のCD「My Mother」発売記念日本ツアーを行う。


Master drum player Fukushi Tainaka is one of the best-known Japanese jazz musician of his generation and one of the most in-demand drum players on the international jazz scene. A longtime member of legendary alto saxophonist Lou Donaldson’s group, Fukushi played alongside countless other prominent jazz artists, including trumpet legend Dizzy Girespie, Bill Hardman and Woody Shaw, guitarist George Benson and Randy Johnston, pianist Champian Fulton, Benny Green, Barry Harris and Junior Mance, organist Dr. Lonnie Smith, saxophonist Arnett Cobb, Junior Cook, Kenny Garrett, Jimmy Heath, James Moody, David ‘Fathead’ Newman and Frank Wess.

During the past two decades, Fukushi has performed in most New York jazz venues, including Birdland, Black Duck, The Blue Note, Garage, Fat Cat, Smoke, Smalls, The Village Vanguard (and defunct club such as Sweet Basil, Fat Tuesday’s, and The Village Gate), as well as playing at major concert halls, jazz clubs, and festivals all over the world. Fukushi’s jazz festival appearances include New York’s prestigious JVC Jazz Festival, Lincoln Center Outdoors, Charlie Parker Jazz Festival, the New Orleans Jazz Fest, the Philadelphia Jazz Festival, the Cape May Jazz Festival, the Iowa Jazz Workshop, the Toronto and Montreal Jazz Festivals, as well as major European and Japanese jazz festivals.

Fukushi has toured Japan as often as three times a year since the early 1980s with his own groups, as a member of the acclaimed pianist Shizuko Yokoyama’s trio, and with Lou Donaldson and other jazz greats. Since the mid-80s, Fukushi has also toured Europe twice every year with Lou Donaldson, appearing at jazz clubs and festivals in European countries. His recording history includes two hit CDs with Lou Donaldson, also appearing in his longtime musical partner Shizuko Yokoyama’s album “To My Mother”, and dozens of other recordings from various Japanese jazz labels.

1976 Became a professional Jazz drum layer in Japan.
1980 Moved to New York City. Studied with Philly Joe, Louis Hayes, and Joe Jones Jr.
1982 Recording debut on flute player Kent Eanes’ album, Fresh Air.
1983 Played at New York jazz clubs with Kenny Garret and Junior Cook.
1984 Played drums on Bass player Shintaro Nakamura’s album, Evolution.
1985 Joined organ player Dr. Lonnie Smith’s group.
1986 Started longtime association with Lou Donaldson.
Concert appearance in the US, Japan and Europe.
1987 Gigs at New York jazz clubs and frequent Japan tours with Shizuko Yokoyama.
1991 US and European tours with Lou Donaldson.
1992 Attended the recording of album Birdseeds by Lou Donaldson.
1994 Played at Japan’s most prestigious jazz festival, the Mt. Fuji Jazz Festival.
1995 Featured on Lou Donaldson’s album, Sentimental Journey.
Also appeared at Montreal Jazz Festival with Lou Donaldson.
2001 Recording of Shizuko Yokoyama album, To My Mother.
2002 Norwegian Sun Jazz Cruise with bass player Rufus Reid and the all-star saxophone super group of  Lou Donaldson, Jimmy Heath, James Moody, David ‘Fathead’ Newman.
2003 Appearances with Frank Wess, Randy Johnston, and the Lou Donaldson Trio.
2004 Attended the recording of “Too Damn Hot” by Dr. Lonnie Smith Trio.
2007 Played at Carnegie Hall.   

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